Lucky Envelope Owner

Barry Chan, Brewmaster & Co-Founder

Barry’s transition from beer lover to brewing occurred in engineering graduate school when he caught himself criticizing a beer and realizing he didn’t know the process behind the beverage. Taking this moment of reflection as a challenge, Barry bought his first home brew kit and eagerly dove into every book, textbook, and podcast he could find on brewing. Several years of success in regional and national home brewing competitions coupled with a desire to leave the corporate work world led to a partnership that culminated in the formation of Lucky Envelope Brewing.

Barry is a certified BJCP judge and continues to be active in professional and home brewing competitions. He appreciates a great variety of beer styles but his go-to choices are lagers and session beers.

Outside of the brewery, Barry is the husband of a very tolerant wife, and father to a dog, two cats, and two small humans.

Lucky Envelope Owner Raymond Kwan

Raymond Kwan, Director of Operations & Co-Founder

Ray had aspirations to start his own business beginning in high school. After pursuing a traditional finance career path in Los Angeles & Seattle and obtaining his MBA from Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!), he finally made the decision to pursue his passion of being his own boss. Over the past decade, Ray has sought out unique local watering holes to learn more about scotch, whiskey, beer, and any other beverage the bartenders were willing to introduce to him. The interest in finding a good drink and chatting with bartenders heavily influenced his decision to open Lucky Envelope.

As a New Jersey native, Ray has an affinity for pizza, bagels, and 24-hour diners. When he is not working at the brewery he can be found taking photographs of local events, cyclocross races, and the great outdoors. He also enjoys taking fun photos with his cat, Skipper, typically with the use of a green screen and some bad photoshop skills.