Lucky Envelope’s brewing philosophy is centered around “Culturally Inspired Beer”. Recipes used for our beers draw from modern and historic brewing styles and techniques, utilizing both traditional and nontraditional ingredients.

One of our favorite things to do at Lucky Envelope is to share fond memories our cultural upbringing. Our beers have regularly featured ingredients and stories influenced by our experiences.

– Barry Chan, Brewmaster

Core Beers


Lucky Envelope Helles Lager – 5.0% ABV

Refreshingly crisp and malt-forward, our traditional German-style Helles Lager is light and bright. This lager balances delicate grain flavors and a hint of bread crust with traditional noble hops for a pleasant, soft bitterness. Prost!

Awards: Great American Beer Festival 2015 Bronze, SIP Magazine’s Best of the Northwest 2020 & 2021 Gold, Washington Beer Awards 2021 Gold


ENIAC Mosaic IPA – 6.8% ABV

Our Mosaic IPA features flavors of tropical fruit and blueberry resulting in a bold hop profile with restrained bitterness. Named after the first general purpose computer, the ENIAC set the foundation for the technological revolution. Our flagship IPA pays homage to the American creative spirit and served as the catalyst for Lucky Envelope’s brewing evolution.

Awards: Washington Beer Awards 2017 Gold


Raspberry Sour Ale – 5.7% ABV

Juicy red raspberries blended with the bright lactic acidity of the kettle-soured base for a delicious, refreshing beer. Our Raspberry Sour pours with a beautiful pink hue, greeting you with a bouquet of ripe fruit and crisp tartness.

Awards: SIP Magazine’s Best of Northwest 2017 Double Gold, SIP Magazine’s Best of Northwest 2018 & 2021 Gold


Peanut Butter Cream Stout – 6.0% ABV

Real peanut butter infused with cocoa, coffee and light roast flavors of our cream stout. Lactose and flaked oats add a smooth creaminess to balance out bold dark malts creating a perfect beer to enjoy year round.

Awards: Washington Beer Awards 2018 Bronze, SIP Magazine’s Best of Northwest 2020 Silver

Seasonal Release Beers


Two Pepper Pale Ale – 6% ABV

Available Spring

This culturally inspired pepper beer celebrates the bold flavors of the fruity Habanero and the citrusy Japanese Shishito. This year’s batch packs big green pepper aroma and fruity habanero flavor that doesn’t overwhelm your palate, offering a refreshing hoppy Pale Ale with a kick.

Awards: Denver International Beer Competition 2017 Silver, Washington Beer Awards 2018 Bronze


Vienna Amber Lager – 5.1% ABV

Available Late Fall

Our Vienna-style Lager pays respect to the 19th century Austrian beer which made its way to the US via a fascinating trip through Central America. Pouring a gorgeous amber-red, this highly drinkable lager greets you with notes of lightly sweet malt and toasted bread, finishing with a clean bitterness.

Awards: Washington Beer Awards 2017 Bronze, Best of Craft Beer 2020 Gold


Buddha’s Hand Citron IPA – 6.6% ABV

Available Late Fall-Winter

Zest from this uniquely shaped fruit is brewed into this seasonal West Coast ENIAC IPA. Buddha’s Hand Citron is used widely in East Asian cuisine and as ornamental decoration in Chinese households during New Year celebrations. The fragrant, juiceless fruit imparts botanical notes and intense flavors reminiscent of fresh cut lemon and crushed lemon candies.


Gingerbread Cream Stout – 6% ABV

Available Winter

Forget cookies, Santa will want a pint of this sweet, spice-filled Gingerbread Cream Stout on Christmas Eve. Our rich, roasty cream stout base was brewed with gingerbread spices, vanilla, lactose, and real blackstrap molasses to create this quintessential holiday treat.

Limited Release Beers

16_10 Fresh Hop Cans

Fresh Hop IPA and Fresh Hop Lager

Available Mid-September

Fresh Hop season at Lucky Envelope usually means the release of both an IPA and a Lager. Hop harvest typically begins in late August; freshly picked hop cones are sent immediately to the brewery and brewed within 48 hours of harvest.

2020 and 2021 releases were the Fresh Hop Strata IPA and Fresh Hop Centennial Pilsner

16_10 TasteofSummer2Social

Special Event Beers

Available in Limited Quantity during Events

Special event beers are released in small quantities and typically correspond to a themed event such as Sour Beer Day and Teahouse Beer Day.

Recent releases have included the Mango Lassi Milkshake IPA, Cucumber Gochugaru Sour, Cranberry Fluff Imperial Porter, and Tea-Smoked Helles Lager (awarded Silver at 2021’s Washington Beer Awards).

16_10 Metal Ox HD 5by4

Lunar New Year Beers

Available During Annual Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar New Year special releases range from full batch brews to experimental small batches. 2020-2022, we teamed up with Asheville, North Carolina’s Highland Brewing to create cross-country collaborative Chinese Zodiac IPAs, the Metal Rat Juicy IPA, Metal Ox Juicy IPA, and Water Tiger Cold IPA respectively.

Other Lunar New Year offerings have included beers like the Mijiaya Historic Chinese Beer, Li Hing Mui Sour Ale, Pandan Double Happiness Imperial Porter, and more.

16_10 CoolshipImpPorterSocial

Brewers Barrel-Aged Reserve Beers

Available in Limited Quantities

Our Brewers Barrel Reserve program allows our beer to develop complex and sometimes unexpected flavors through the barrel-aging process. Our beers mature in wine, whiskey, gin, or other types of wooden casks anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before their release.

Recent releases have included the Boysenberry Coolship Sour Ale (awarded Bronze at 2021’s Washington Beer Awards), Westland Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter, and Barrel-Aged Barleywine.

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